Sober Golfers Society

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The Society

Connecting golfers who don't drink alcohol and want to enjoy golf days, golf tours and tournaments with like minded souls. 

Having battled making my tee off times throughout my twenties, because I was too pissed from the night before, I realised through going to rehab, that alcohol was no longer for me. I worked in the golf travel market and felt that something needed to be created that allowed people to enjoy golf tours and golf days without the focus being on getting drunk after. This is why Sober Golfers Society was created. 

Join our community by clicking the link below, or simply email us at sobergolfers@gmail.com if you don’t have a Facebook account. 


What We Do

The Community

Our community is a safe place to talk about all things golf, arrange golf matches, hear about our sober golf days, trips and tours! All with like-minded sober golfers.

Golf Days

We organise society golf days around the country. Come along meet some like minded players and expand our community.

Golf Trips

Connect with individuals from our Golf Days and the community. Join one of our golf trip packages.


Who We Are

Sober Golfers was founded in 2020 with the goal of creating truly unique golf days and golf tours for those of us who are sober. 

My name is Sean, I set up Sober Golfers Society in 2020 and I have been sober for 3 years now. I am a very keen golfer, with aspirations when I was younger to turn professional but got sidetracked with alcohol and drugs instead! Having worked in the golf travel industry and having played golf across around the globe, I wanted to combine my passion for golf travel and sobriety with like-minded sober golfers. 

If you want to know more about me, you can connect to my page on Instagram @theaddictedcoach

I hope to play golf with you soon!


Contact Us

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